Fall 2013 woodys cycles newsletter

Well good day to everyone i finally get to do a newsletter again,it seems all my subscribers were deleted when we took on a new web site luckily my friend /fellow rider Doug Clish keeps all his e mail and was able to send me all the previous subscribers on my list thanks Doug.So here we are with summer past its now exactly the most perfect time to ride off road ...just before the leaves come tumbling down the weather is cool but nice and you really just have to get out there.The riding areas are prime as the south side is just run with all the entreies from the BMA"s annual Calabogie Boogie leaving the trails on the south side mint from the great weather they had for this event.My personal pet project is the north side of the Madawaska out past the ski slopes.This area is officially know as the Wabin Mountain riding area ...The finest in single track trails with very little twin track or road between.There are many trails for entry /intermediate /expert and extreme.The boys who ride up there call an all- trail trail ride "the boogeyman" and will require 5-6 hours to ride Directions to the trail head are on my  front page and pretty easy to follow ...give me a call otherwise @ 613 267 6861.These trails are all in place /and listed with the MNR.so if you stay on the trails your good .The BMA is having its fall trail ride on OCT 20 SUN and will be leaving from the Calabogie ski slope this time as they want to get familiar with our group and us with them....Non members welcome but will pay extra and are encouraged the show their support buy joining this great club This shows how far weve come in the communities eyes .The clubs worked had to give a good image so please respect this and keep your bikes legal and rationally quiet The very next weekend on the Sunday the 27th with a start time of noon the umteenth annual Colin Snider memorial team offroad 4 hr will run here at woodys cycles with racers and helpers all welcome ...we will need some sweep rider on the course so if you can help give me a shout here at the shop.Right now our oldest boy/man Kenny and his mom Carolin are in Sardinia in the mediterainian  for the ISDE this will be Kennys first international competition racing for team Canada ...talk about the deep end of the gene pool GOOD LUCK KEN !! In other news the 2014"s are in now and already some models are promising to sell out early. We sold every 2013 we had so if your thinking of one think fast ...pun intended .As always some will be demo models for a demo ride or an informative chat on the new stuff give me a call . In other news i finally blew dust off my now vintage former pro 250 gp class Honda factory road race bike, to race with the VRRA I entered the new GP class for pure factory roadrace bikes or as one chap said the "sounds like very angry bees " class.Very cool class with nothing but real race bikes i think 16 250"s and a swarm of 125ers behind us my bike won every race it startedand was the class of the field with a lap record each event i entered .Had a mechanical dns at Mosport and scored 0 points there for a 2nd overall at the end  of the season .I also entered the Period 4 middleweight class with one of the largest fields in this race group and found the cbr"s and fzr"s fiesty but not consistantly competitive as i won both rounds at Shannonville and got a close 2nd at St Eustache after a great race with a local current pro national competitor on a FZR and was nipped after a very memorable race but needed one more point to win this class title so 2nd is this seasons finish in this class as well ...oh well theres always next year as they say.Anyway get your riding goin on the season will be over soon enough as deer hunting will be starting as always on the first monday of nov and the trails will be closed for the season.If you have any questions give us a call at the shop anytime and remember...for the last 10 years ive been building trails for folks like you to actually ride and enjoy this great sport with.I dont just talk about supporting the sport as goes the popular line goes ...i have put up a huge personal effort to build trails and host events ETC. so how about you support the shop that really does do more for the sport .Talk is cheep chain saws cost money...see you out there Woody