road racing update

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 7:34am -- Woody

I raced the VRRA event at shannonville june 1,2.With the help of my good friend and crew chief to the stars Peter Snell i placed first in period 4 middle weight and in the inaugural gp cl ass.My much loved Honda rs 250 ran very fast after a 15 year rest and showed the 4 stroke crowd me tail pipes after some early jousting with the established riders in that class .In the sat heat race i was gridded at the back for the qualifier. Middle of row 8 as i had no previous point,.managed to get to 4rth for the sunday final so i had a front row start to go from and didnt have to spot the boys half a lap ...that race was fun .For the inaugural gp event we lined up 16 bikes ,3 rows of 250"s and a second wave of 125ers.With no qualifier on sat i had a 3rd row start.As someon e said it sounded like a swarm of very angry bees to my ears and was 3rd on the back straight and position 1 one the next time there as Chris Hurst bobbled in the hairpin,i slipped underneath his georgeous nikko baker tz and managed a lead from there to the checkered.That was fun and this is a great group of riders.I have not seen that many riders at any event for many years The next event will be at Shannonville July 6/7,come out if you can the bikes are just beautiful and the racing is top drawer Woody 


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