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Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Award 2019

5 Minutes of Fame

A Lifetimes Labour of Love

In 2019 Woody’s Cycles shop owner David Percival was honoured with his induction into the C.M.H.O.F. as a contributor to our much-loved sport. Here at KTM acres, we have devoted our lives to riding and racing, both road and off-road, as well as years of promoting fun events for offroaders with off-road, trials and ice racing right here and at other venues in Eastern Ontario.

He is one of the original re-founding members in the 90’s of the local off-road club, the Bytown Motorcycle Association, a past president and competition chairman. He supported this very successful club through to its present-day membership of almost 1000 members.

With years of working on the trail development on the northside of Calabogie, as well as driving the inception of the Larose forest, he also has some 25 km if trails here at KTM Acres.

Many  of his racing awards include the VRRA # 1 plate in 2015, National 250 GP title, 2 # 1 plates in regional Pro ice racing, 3rd in Super Vet in Offroad Ontario and he is still active in most racing and riding, including building a large trial area, here on the property for our customers. Come and join us.

A special Thanks to my wife Carolin and great friend Pete Snell.