woodys KTM cycles and salvage for 2017 ....full ahead !!!

Well hello everyone from Woodys Ktm . I hope this winter has been just dandy for you so far . Here at KTM acres weve been very active as always . Thanks to my good friend Al D weve been abusing our crf 100"s on the ice track here on Sundays . Fully studded fournier two way tires sets give us engine scraping cornering performance on a 15 corner bi directional track and we are having WAY  too much fun . Tryouts are available for not too faint of heart as weve got a couple of extra bikes. No flags but its competitive as hell (its only a race if theres more than one) right ?.I was to Whistler for the KTM dealer meeting last fall and drove a nice x section of 2017 model offroaders ..WOW is a good word for the bikes and yikes is a accurate word for the terrain out there !! I was a while wrapping my head around the complexity and general nastynest of the riding trails they set us on for the test rides but thankfully the bikes were so good this year i stayed upright and began to enjoy things after climatizing myself to the difficulty levels involved.Its easier for me to understand why some of this great countrys best riders hail from the wild west ....if they can survive that stuff on a regular basis then they are going to be great riders .My roadrace career with the VRRA is once again retired and after winning my 250 gp class and the number 1 plate in 2015 i consider it game set match and am returning to full time offroad riding and trail rejuvination in CalabogieS north side trail network which is due for some serious upgrades and improvements. Starting again in 2017 i will look to get back to this my favorite thing to do in this reagard so give me a call or e mail me at woody@woodys-cycles.com if your in the mode to give a hand on this project in 2017 !! On the buisness side weve been having a terrific year with the new and ever inproved offroad series bikes. Lighter faster and just generally the best KTM"s ever . Weve got a huge investment in parts and accesories ready to ship . We are one of the countrys largest part stocking dealer and dont forget our ever present BMA member discounts . Just call Carolin (or e mail ) to place your order and we ship by mail for best economy daily . On the fun side we are planning the 4 hour team event in a 2 race format this season as i am dome with the huge effort of putting on the provincial OO championship races for the time being.Check out the event section of my website for complete information on this event please !! On the home front we will have our thousand acres of trails reformatted and ready for your riding pleasure this summer as well ....so stay tuned to the website and pray for an early spring ...all our best wishes for a great new season , woody