spring is in the air ...love your motorcycle !!!

Good day !! im sure like us your thrilled to see rising temps and melting snow . The forests are still full of the white stuff though so studded bikes only ! Speaking of studs weve had a great winter bar banging on our 15 corner 1 mile ice track here at home at woodys . The whole crf 100 ice bike thing has provided endless hours of keen competition great winter exersice and fun with friends ....this keeps one really sharp for the dirt season ahead , no rust on us . In other riding news ive picked up a decent used KTM 690 for personal dual sporting ...ive always wanted to check it out and any time ive spent on these particular bikes have been a blast  ...64 ponies = big fun factor . This is also a way to see the bigger picture of the north side for future trail expansion/inprovements as well. Speaking of riding ive not yet heard from the Orielly boys about a spring trials event but i will keep you posted . In shop news we are offering all of our customers and friends a offer to stock up on what you will need this spring and summer for riding parts accessories and or gear with a one time 15% off stocking order so dont miss out on this one ! One per person is the only catch  so  Call Carolin at 613 2676861 or e mail her woody@woodys-cycles.com.Ive also a great deal on 10/40 sythnetic motul factory (double ester) regularly $26.99 (last Year ) on sale for $18.99 and 300v road race 10/40 synthetic single ester regularly $21.99 last year for $15.99 ...while supplies last of course . Weve still got a sale on 1 litre 800 2t and engine ice as well while stock lasts . On the KTM front i see that for 2018 we are finally going to get fuel injected (via transfer ports) 2 strokes. I see they are called exc  "s so its a real possibility they may be street legal as they are also oil injected and may well meet emission standards ...anyway yous will no doubt get to sample these at my Factory KTM demo day this oct 15 as part of the BMA fall Guernsey ride on the north side ...Plan on being there for sure as this will be a defining moment for a new segment in dirt bike history . On the tech side with the advent of all our new 2017 models having lithium batteries installed this year theres a few thing to know ...((1) , a lithium battery will discharge three times faster than  lead acid batteries , (so don"t leave the switch on in your exc ), and even though they deliver much higher cranking amps they do so with around one third the amp hour capacity. (2) these batteries will drain faster at low and (idle) RPM"S that will usually keep your lead acid battery charged but not a lithium. your std and AGM (activated gel material) will be fully charged at 12.8 v but a lithium need to show 13.6 and higher to be on full charge and need to maintenance charging more often than agm and standard batteries ...optimate makes a charger specifically for this purpose so now you know be cautious . On the riding side all the clubs forests are currently closed and will be till further notice watch the websites for opening and please respect our forests .PS remember we love trade ins and will always pay top dollar for yours or will buy it straight out from you especially if its orange !!!  Woody