Spring 2018 at Woodys Cycles

A very good spring day to everyone. It the first of may and a beauty at that . The morning sun is coming up on the pond and i hope we have finally arrived ....in spring . Ive talked to a friend in Calabogie and they are a long piece from riding up there as he noted that a week ago last friday they snowmobiled into Oriole lake . Even here we are 2-3 weeks before the forest drys out properly . The late winter blast provided a huge amount of ground water level and it will certainly be a time receding . remember the ruts u make today are the one you will ride in all year so be patient . Some of the boys are pit riding already and having fun out there. This past saturday the BMA had there first of 3 2018 training sessions here with around 30 entries plus trainers here it was a great day and the got it in between rain in the am and the late aft .  Here at the shop weve been busy and just having a wonderfull early season with one of our best ever new bike sales seasons , and  its so nice just to see everyones smiling faces and catch up again after the winter. This year has been a great season so far as KTM has been able to keep extra bikes for sale in the warehouse for me to choose from and ive kept a choice selection on the floor for a change including a 690 e a 500 exc a favorite this last year the 2017 250 xc-f , what a fun bike this is and the 17 model is heavily discounted as well , Ive also got a used 690 e a used 400xcw and a used 250 xcfw , all greats bike to own as there are no bad choices in the orange bike world but i can an will take the time to help you make the best choice for your riding type . Also ive a 250 and a 300 xc,  these are our top level off road bikes and with our incredible front air forks and rear lever suspension these are the bikes that will up your riding level and experience ....they are effin awsome to ride as i experienced a couple of years ago in Whistler at the first ever Canadian held KTM North American dealer meeting . Speaking of KTM there is S0 much going on ...hey we are taking on the world ...we sold 6000 motorcycles last year in Canada in all types we maufacture . ...240000 bikes in total worldwide and they said we sold 78% of all dirtbikes worldwide , inc the blue ones in our stables. We are the largest manufacturer in europe by a mile and 4rth of the big 5 in the world nipping on Kawasakis heels for 4rth.Our involvement with moto 2 moto 3 and moto gp had opened up tecnological doors and created advancement i never dreamed a small Austrian co would have and enhance . When i started in 1999 ( we are the oldest KTM dealer in Canada) i had no idea the roads i would travel with this amazing group of enthusiasts .And now we stand on the doorsteps of 2 stroke fuel injection ...wow !Thats a bit up the food chain from points and condensers . KTM last fall built and opened a fantastic new high tech centre of op-erations in Chambly PQ . Carolin and i were at the opening and i was recently there for a 3 day training session for new tech tpi 250 2 strokes , the big adv models and some of the 4 stroke mx and offroad models . KTM is retraining all our techs from the ground up always a good thing to stay fresh and current. My summer plans are to focus on rebuilding the north side as ive been away roadracing for a few seasons and the north side is hurting particularly the Guernsey and the newfie autobaunn are beat to heck and need a lot of improvement . The club will not ride the Calabogie boogie there in 2018 and hopefully will keep these trail for the use of our club members only to avoid beating them up as they have in the wet weather with a boogie ride . We have the fall guernsey ride late in Oct which can be a wet ride but at least its club members and more limited in numbers , stay tuned for trail improvement days coming soon , help will be required for sure .We recently booked a large KTM oder of parts and really cool accessories so check out our big kids candy store ....32 years in buisness weve a lot to offer you as a customer inc new locally sourced and developed Shelbourne oils There 10w50 fully synthetic retails for $13.95 per litre a great value in the world of $20 plus oils.... ON MY LIST OF MOST IMPORTANT items TO MENTION ...THE 4 HOUR WILL NOT BE ON OCT 7TH AS STATED IN THE BMA EVENT FOLDER....BUT WILL BE ON SEPT30 .MY MISTAKE !! PLEASE TELL EVERYONE !! This is such agreat event so dont get it wrong tell all your friends please about the new date . So i hope to see everyone the season either here or on the trails , call us for all your needs and stay tuned , WOODY