Spring 2018 newsletter from Woodys cycles ktm

Another great day....to ride a bike what a phenomenal season so far for riding ...so get out there. This Sunday the 24th everyone is invited here for an offroad riding day on our marked trails . I will have the bbq and drinks as well so come out and make yourselfs at home with us . Ive recently ordered the exciting new 2019 models from KTM and they will be here right away . You know its been 20 years since i originally ordered A KTM from the then distributor Barrette Marketing .So we are officialy Canada"s senior KTM dealer... phisically and demographically ! I am going to be organizing a north side clean up Sunday July 8th from the pits on 508 starting around 930 am so bring some equipment and lets get together to tidy things up . Further to the new model realease we should have them in stock right away as they are currently being shipped , including the 250 and 300 fuel injected 2 smokes . Remember all BMA members get a 10 % discount and you get -15% off all accessories once when you order a new model bike from us . thanks Woody