Offroad riders news letter

Well good day folks the weather we"ve waited forever for is finally here and everyone is chomping at the bit , i thought as i am in the woods every day i could bring everyone up to date .Right now out trails are still closed what we need is approx one more good week (this one! ) should do it if the rain stays away warm and sunny for a week with some wind will be exactly what the woodland need so as we dont make the dreaded ruts from hell ...remember if you make them you will have to deal with them all summer . There is almost no sign of snow except around the heavy cedars and pine forests but there is still some standing water with high ground water levels for sure . So please dont ride for a weeeee bit and we will be much better off . I am one of the leads for the BMA land use commitee and we will be posting the contact info for our clubs various forest contacts so as yous may be able to get exact info on individual forests as required .from the BMA website . In the mean time we will be riding here very soon with some initial riding next weekend almost for sure i need to rearrow a bit and some cleanup .Checkout our schedule @ for this summers events both here and ont / pq events as well .Weve put in great booking orders this year to get you the best deals possible and we keep over  $35K in stock new KTM parts ...shipped same day we can even have them delivered same day to Ottawa the very same day or shipped by mail for economy . Ive expanded the back shop this season as we are heavily sevice oriented on the west side lots of window and fantastic natural light with a side benefit of unclutering the back shop ...i am very pleased with the results come out and have a look anytime .We currently have a few new KTM"s in stock so if you are  thinking about a new bike we are allowing top dollars for your trade in be it a KTM or an offbrand (lol) please give me a call and we can get you fully provided and ready for endless fun on our trails Carolin "s on the front counter with many years of experience in parts and accessories and Kenny (now a pro offroad racer) in the back for service. On a side note i am applying for 2 great new trails on the north side which will hugely increase our north side riding mileage . My beloved Wabin mountain riding area will be increased by quite a few km"s BUT a great deal of help will be reqyuired so get back to me if i can put your name on the list as these trails are not scoped out , marked or built by woodland ferrys it is a lot of boots to the ground type work and your help will be appreciated /needed . Anyway give us a call for anything you need for offroad or street  ...were here to help thank you , Woody