The north side is ready to ride

With help of a great group on sunday past and a small but might crew yesterday (wed) we have successfully come to terms with this winters damage and have gotten clear riding for all the trails on the north side for your riding pleasure !  There is need of clipper work on a number of trails yet to remove the face slappers so if your one of those who have yet to participate in doing your share we left you some small tasks help out will ya ?? Ive yet to go into the heart of the guernsey but we were half a day on the twin track into it and Pat M says the interior is all passible . We conquered most all the interior trails inc wonderland , newfie autobaunn , missing link , and the lost saint while the other lads did the outside loop . The oriole lake trail needs done however as i was having full hand leg and arm cramps by the time we quit with the heat on wed . A tough day but rewarding indeed !Two notes , one ....the forest is wet and soft and easily uprooted , consider the tubliss system (in stock at my shop) this season both for the unreal traction and the effect of being easy on our forest environment and trails , two the autobaunn missing lint is meant to be run east to west ( ONE WAY please ) !! as this is a fast as hell trail and a dangerous spot to meet another fast rider going the other direction , so be safe ! With the current conditons good intermediate maxxis it"s are highly recommended for the best in traction on the harder based trails but they work great everywhere and we keep those at great discounts in stock as well . Our parts and accessory dept are well stocked and available for immediate shipping by mail or courier or you can drop in for a visit and a ride on the trails here at woodys as well . I am now available to help out with south side cleanup so if youve got some trails in mind needing attention give me a call or email at the shop 613 267 6861 or  . Also some of the new 2018 KTM ":s are actually here now and any left over 2017 "s are priced way way down but there few left so give me a call and we will give you the best trade in prices in these parts . Have a great ride , woody