new 2015 ktm "s and Wabin MTN riding info update

A great big hello from us here at the shop ...lots of news , so little time right now . I have just gotten back fron the 2015 KTM dealer doo in San Diego.... first though a quick note to mention that we will be doing a trail improverment day this coming Sunday so lets get a good group together as we will have 2 mobile saws mine and Paul Battles as well need to divy up into 2 groups .... and that will get a lot done , so bring your folding saws snips bug juice  etc and meet in the north side pits around 930 this sunday am .Check out my website for more upcoming events inc family day here and an orientation day for the north side ...both in June .thats So it looks like the BIG surprise this year will be limited availability of a 250 2 stroke free ridemodel . Some feartures inc an exceptionally low seat height 35/ 36 " very light, approx 200 lbs , a large amt of steering freeplay , 80:1 oil mix with excellent fuel mileage , std pegs offer 8 mm adjustment with optional ones offering close to 2 inches ...hmmmm...trailtech speedo , 7 litre fuel capacity, single rad with fan, 24 hp no power valve ..much like a trials bike ...but different so what is it ???its a new type of ride for the trails but more for fun and playtime with a slant towards trials type riding ...with a 6 speed tranny and a 7 litre tank you will not have a huge range in theory but it has only a 28 mm carb so will as reported get excellent mileage so whos it for you ask ???  good question  sounds like a great bike for novice riders to develope their skill set on and the ladies to do more serious stuff on a shorter more userfriendly lower powered unit .I heve ridden all the off road bikes there as well and will follow up with another e mail asap on the complete test day thanks woody