lets ride here at woodys , factory demo ride date

Hey folks ,we hope everyone is well and has been out offroad riding (a lot) . We would like to invite everyone out this sunday for a ride here at the property . All the trails are arrowed for difficulty level and mint to ride on right now . Its self guided like the calabogie boogie (in 2 weeks) and you can bring your friends , no charge to ride as we just plain enjoy the company ! Next sunday i am off to the north side for a challenging ride of the higher level trails ( these are all in the best condition as well ) come out if your interest . A reminder that i have been dual sporting as well so we have a 2019  500 exc on demo if that is an interest . its a really great ride with the best of offroad capabilities, so take it for a ride and see for yourself . Also coming up on oct 13th , a saturday will be the KTM factory demo for your riding pleasure with many of our new 2019 offroad models to try out , post the date now and i will follow up with directions right away . This is a definate date with the factory , locked and loaded !! Speaking of 2019 "s many are now on my showroom floor and as always we give the best trade in values so call us and we can set up a demo ride on your new bike ! ...too much fun !! As always weve got the oils and parts you need  and even some essentials for beta and huski models, 10% off for all club members (BMA) an we are always happy to see our friends and customers ...see you soon , woody