The Latest north side info and much more !!On the shop front the 2018 models will start to arrive soon and i would like to clear out

Good day i hope you are getting some riding in these days ! I was up to the north side  Sunday am . I met up with Clint and Terry Shobel...there were four others there who have just started riding the area . For me this was strickly an easy recon mission without my chainsaw to evaluate the winter and spring damages to our trails . Clint and Terry went into the wonderland and i took the others two  of whom were novice level for the outside loop . There are loads of faceslappers on the trails although everything is passible but theres a need for a big group to get together for a day with the eqipment for trail improvemnt....asap , i will call the club and set something up and lets everyone know but if your going up take some hand snips with you .The Guernseys trail is in bad shape , i would recommend waiting until we get in there for serious improvements . The good news is the black flies are subsiding...they were not bad at all. ... but the water holes are plentifull and deceptively deep in places one i hit in the attack mode and did a soil / water sample. Just back last Sat from the KTM dealer meeting in Colorado Springs CO had a great time Dave Wrack and i hung out with the other many hundreds of  attendees . The highlite was a guided bike ride up Pikes peak mountain course . It is 150 plus corners with a 17 mile run up to 14100 ft . dave and i went up the day before the bike ride with his rental car so as to be able to check out the scenery as riding 1290 superdukes the next day was no scenic tour but i had cautious fun . The car tour up the day before  was great as we were able to check out the incredible scenery , it was fantastic going up and down . At the top we were both oxygen depleted however ....dizzy light headed....and i thought that would be a problem the next day on the bikes ...but we only went up to 11000ft the next day on the bikes as the wind were up at 45 mph which is tricky up there to say the least . The absence of gard rails really keep the hair up on the back of your neck with zero room for error. While we were there they were getting ready for the running of the Pikes Peak hill climb for the 100th time or so with some very trick looking equipment. Its a time trial type RACE !! from mile 6 to the top . Wow these guys are truly fearless !! Its likely over now and should be on u tube by now check it out it will be an eye opener....just when you thought you had the ( body parts ) to be truly fearless you find out whar fearless really means . I had the great honor of meeting a great former 500 gp rider by the name of Jeremy McWilliams and i was in awe of  storys about his adventures in the R&D dept of KTM Austria . There are now more than 500 people working in that dept alone with near 3000 employes worldwide . Did you know that we produced 203000 bikes last year with net sales of 1.2 billion all of which have been reinvested in infastruture around the world includung a brand new ground up KTM Canada location in St Bruno .Awsome stuff for my tiny company of the past to be the 5th largest manufacturer in the world and well positioned to pass Kawasaki this year for 4rth place as well .My personel history goes back to non usd forks with this company and they are the only bikes ive ever sold.... so ive been witness to many of the important changes to our industry and our company . In dirt bikes we have only small changes this year as KTMs big push is 2019 release of the fuel injected 2 stroke models   . There will be only 20 brought into the country for 2018 as prelininary units and i hope to get one for our demo day at the guernsey ride this fall in Calabogie Oct 15 . On the shop front with the 2018 model ready to show up i have only 4 new 2017 models left and they are priced to sell , they include a 300 xcw 6 day , a 250 xcw , a 150 xcw and a 250 exc . These are fantastic deals straight sale gotta go priced bikes backed by our very resonably priced sevice experts so if your thinking about it check out our website for these bikes , please and thank you .We currently have great deals on motul 2 and 4 stroke oils and right now delivery on the largest KTM parts dept in the area all at BMA club discounts for you to save and enjoy thanks for your time Woody  613  267 6861 or