Help needed for 4 hour Colin Snider memorial

with our 4 hr Colin Snider endurance team event coming up in one month (oct 1 ) i will be needing a few active sweep riders and some flagging help in the pit area ....if your available to help even part of the time please let me know ..these are paid positions for the day (100$) so you have fun at a great event and get paid as well . Let me know .Also of note we are sponsoring the BMA club fall ride the guerneys memorial ride , as always at the ski slope off 508 highway.its a guided ride and i will be having a small KTM demo ride with a few bikes to test . Originally it was to be a much larger full size demo but KTM changed the logistics on this one as the big rigs with the offroaders are out west this year and on this side of the country in 2018 . There is still a chance of there being a fuelie KTM at this one but we will see  but we should have a half a dozen new bikes to play on anywat...I rode the north side with a few friends and fellow fairly fast guys good ride but the atvs have beat the heck out of our nice single track roddens and toms trail so in the spring we will have to fix those for sure ...they needed a way past the development along the river properties so they went in where we made our trail . Its ugly . As with any area inn the boogie there is a lot of riding pressures from us as well as the atv guys so the trails do get a very used look to them and most of the north side trails are a level up nowadays . If you spot any major hurdles pls let me know and i will try to get them fixed thanks . PS weve got some 2018s ktm "s in now top prices paid for trade ins as always ...woody