The north side trail has been finished...directions for a great loop

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 9:55pm -- Woody

Well ...finally we have the Calabogie north side trail system((the Wabin Mountain Riding Area) completely cleaned after i made several trips this year and with some help from other riders  weve gotten a nice job .So if your into some great riding the basic loop is pretty simple to find and requires that you are a Good novice rider and up.So heres how you get there .Take 508 approx 4-5 km west of Calabogie to the pits on your left after the Lake saintpierre rd for 2 entry roads together ,its a large pits so parking is good can ride the side of the road but its illegal and not a good plan so your best to ride your bike towards the highway but go left on the old gravel road before the 508...follow this for about a km or 1.5 its pavement off and on watch for a steep bankment on the right and go up it carefully as the highway is RIGHT THERE!!! cross the 508... its busy so please be carfull.Directly across the highway is the Fergusons Lake rd.Take it for a couple of hundred yards watch for your first opportuninty to the left.Follow this trail, a twin track for the most until you come out to the hydro line NOW most everyone will wish to go with the arrows indicating LEFT and follow the hydro line marker tape is there to mark the trail.You will also notice arrows going straight the far side of the hydro line BUT!!!!! this goes into OUR MOST DIFFICULT TRAIL PERIOD called Guernseys way ...on a scale of 1-5 i would rate this as a 5 plus as it has some very very nasty technical riding and is FOR EXPERTS ONLY and should never be driven alone now youve been warned .Anyway the route of choice follows west along the hydro line for several kms  and it crosses the 508 a couple of times. Watch carfully for the red marker tape .occasionally you will find an arrow .There is one at the first  gravel road( the green landing rd) and you turn right (South) and go a couple of km till you get to another hydro line where you go to the left watch for red ribbon it might get removed (the locals) ...but theres a clear trail thru this section (east) untill you see the madawaska river.where  you do a neat little trail on the left that will come out on the wabin mountain road...turn right on this gravel road go 2 kms keep right at the y and watch for the red ribbon indicating a trail on your left just before the Madawaska river.Follw the trail a twin track multi use(ponded to death) but still fun to drive for a couple or three km to the top of wabin mountain...a challenging climb.... stop under the hydro towers and check out the view 1000 ft elevation and a awsome view...the trail will be just at the edge of this first big tower and goes up the hill on the south side ...this has an arrow and some red ribbon and is one of our greatest trails called the newfie autobaun.This has one steep down hill and a few steep edges with some (trickyoffcamber hillsides) so be carefull!!!! and use the buddie system this is a level 3-3.5 trail and needs a good rider to go faster than normal in here ...wait untill youve learned this trail well before applying any speed as it is in the middle of B.F. nowhere and its a long walk home from in here .This trail is completely single track for several kms.At this point if you are not familiar with the area stay on the main single track and do not take the side trails .You will then come out after several more kms of single track (the missing link trail)which is the most fun  trail of all sweeping single track with interesting technical components a dirt road /for off road vehicles (mostly) so turn right(East) and follow this to where it comes to 508 and watch for the trail( twin track) which parallels 508 back to the pits .There are several more trails most of which are  level 4 and 5 for the more experienced .Let me know if you have any questions or comments as there has been much hard work over many years by the Bytown Motorcycle Assn and you feed back is inportant to me and them>If you enjoy the work we are doing here Support us by joining the club The BMA is an OFTR member and together with the MNR "s support we are making this into a riding mecca for offroad enthusiasts Bikes not atv"s.We are also working with the Madawaska trail council and hope to share these trails with bikes and hikers as well some day anyway let me know what your thoughts are ...if you are a high level group call me maybe i can show the occasional crew a full tour thanks woody.PS remember to leave our riding area better than you found it !please dont litter and less sound =more ground so leave the crossers at home or get a quiet pipe !!


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