KTM has a new Canadian home

Fri, 08/25/2017 - 8:39am -- Woody

Carolin and i were present this week for the grand opening of new 17000 sq ft home of KTM Canada We were amazed at the new facility built from the ground up . we toured the building with other dealers and many vip KTM employees from around the world . The new building is home for Husqvarna as well of course and houses a complete race shop as well as techical facities for training and dealers support . I met many Canadaians who have because of their special abilities have been moved up in the company and are  employed in California and even Austria good to meet my old  friends again . We had a fantastic time , as Canada"s senior KTM dealer i am very proud of this company as ive watched it grow from the trenches up to the 5th largest bike manufacturer in the world ....lol, it used to be people asked me if (kawasaki) made KTM ...yes really ...now we are poised to overtake them as the 4rth largest manufacturer wordwide ...not many would have seen that coming . when i first took on KTM in 1999 i had been around long enough you could tell they were special and the manufacturing process was so much superior i loved them from the beginning and almost 20 years later that has not changed one bit for me ...congratulation to everyone at KTM  Woody and Carolin Percival .Woodys Cycles KTM


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